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Meeting. Conferences. Seminars. 2014-2015.

The page contains scientists meeting of the Information Law or Telecommunications Law.
  International Conference "Systematization and codification of the Information legislation" scheduled on the 2014 March, 13-14. Agenda.
  February registrations for the Fifth European Communication Conference will take place there November, 12-15, 2014. Details for your contributions can be found on the conference website.
  January registrations for the Second Annual International CCCS Conference 2014 ‘Media: Theory and Practice’ scheduled on the 2014 September, 04-06. Agenda.
  January 22, 2014, Conference CPDP 2014 open in Brussels Belgium. Program. Our special greeting to Marc Rotenberg, Luciano Floridi, Ugo Pagallo.

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The most popular publications in 2013

A. Varfolomeev. The basics of information security.

I. Rassolov. Law and the Internet. Theoretical problems. 2nd edition, enlarged.

Yuri Volkov. Telecommunications Law.



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