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Telecommunication law is a relatively new, developing direction of law in Russia. Now it is the sub branch of information law. In future the Telecommunication Law could be original branch in the system of law.

It should be noted that telecommunications law in Russia does not exist as a separate research area. There are many federal laws, such as "About communication", "About Information, Information Technologies and Protection of Information" and regulations (decrees, orders, etc.), which experts traditionally called laws of communication. Several universities have incorporated telecommunications law into the training of lawyers.

Many developed countries in Asia, America and Europe have had telecommunications laws as a specific legislation and academic subject since 1980s and it is mandatory for the Masters of Law (LLM), Arts (MA), management (MBA) and some technical specializations. Many universities and corporations conduct scientific seminars and conferences. A whole layer of outstanding publications on telecommunications law has formed, which we plan to introduce to the Russian readers. We have over 10.000 publications at our disposal.

We present our contribution to the development of the telecommunications law as a constant informing of all stakeholders about what new and interesting appears in print. If you wish to join, send us your suggestions. The first steps of Telecommunications Law in Russia will reflect on this information resource.

We also believe that everywhere readers will be interested to know some Russian news about research in related areas of law, such as Information Law, Information Technology Law, Media Law, and Space Law. All submissions received from the authors or from open sources on the Internet.


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